Women Want More

You probably have formed two questions in your mind already; why is he telling us something we already know, and what is the relevance of this to Irish tourism? The answer to the first question is that if you read on you will definitely learn something new, and secondly, this information, properly put to use, […]... Read More

Mapping the dramatic impact of Climate Change

The old cliché a picture speaks a thousand words was never more graphically demonstrated than by a recent map produced by the British Met Office which illustrates the global consequences of failing to keep temperature change to under 2° Celsius. Increases of more than 2° will have huge impacts on the world. The impacts on […]... Read More


It’s been a year of celebration for the Guinness Company, as they celebrate 250 years since the signing of the lease on the world famous headquarters at St James’s Gate Dublin, by their founder Arthur Guinness. Today, September 24th, has been declared "Arthur’s Day" to honour the remarkable man who brought us Guinness beer. For […]... Read More

Global Warming, Climate Change & CO2 Emissions

The debate on global warming and the extent to which it is being compounded by human-based activity still goes on.  Studies continue to validate the impact that it may have on our climate, and this makes global warming a key consideration for stakeholders in the tourism industry. The tourism industry has a dual relationship with […]... Read More

Tourism Business says Yes to Europe

The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation is part of Business for Europe, which is campaigning for a Yes vote on October 2nd. 53 employer and professional organisations have got together to fully support a ‘Yes’ vote for the Lisbon Treaty. The Lisbon Treaty reforms the E.U. to make it more efficient, more effective, and more democratic. […]... Read More

Understanding N.A.M.A.

The National Asset Management Agency, more commonly known as N.A.M.A., is a new body which will operate as an independent commercial agency under the aegis of the National Treasury Management Agency. Its task will be to deal with the problems caused by excessive lending by the banks during the property boom. These are massive and […]... Read More