Moving On

The description most often used about the Irish Tourism industry is that it is a resilient sector, always capable of picking itself up and getting the show on the road again. And so it would seem once again, as amid all the doom-laden talk about bank stress tests and burning bondholders, travel and tourism goes […]... Read More

Head of Britain is positive

Britain remains Irelands top source market, providing about 45% of all overseas visitors and one third of all revenue. It’s been a tough market in recent years, as the British economy suffered its sharpest reversal since the Great Depression. The weakness of the Pound against the Euro hasn’t helped either. Restoration of growth from Britain […]... Read More

Competitiveness Priorities

"Restoring the Irish economy to sustainable economic growth is essential both for reducing unemployment, restoring fiscal balance and for reducing the debt overhang to manageable proportions. Enhancing our international competitiveness is a necessary part of our recovery strategy. By competitiveness we mean the ability of businesses in Ireland to achieve success and increased share in […]... Read More