New image for Dublin

Dear aul’ Dublin needs a new image to attract more visitors and create tourism-linked jobs, a new report from ITIC says. Read the full article from the Independent. Share this:... Read More

Report says Dublin losing out

Dublin could attract an additional two million visitors and generate 27,000 jobs by 2020 if the city is properly marketed, a new study from ITIC has suggested. Read the full article from the Irish Times. Share this:... Read More

Good food enhances our reputation

ITIC spoke with Margaret Jeffares, founder and Managing Director of Good Food Ireland, on developing Ireland’s reputation as a food tourism destination. Click on the image below to hear what she had to say. June 19th 2012 Share this:... Read More

Future of Shannon

Having taken months to decide that Shannon airport should be separated from the Dublin Airport Authority and merged with parts of Shannon Development, which is itself to be broken up, the Government has now decided to set up a steering group and two task forces to advise it on how these matters should proceed. Read […]... Read More