Year-End Review 2013 & Outlook 2014

CLICK HERE to read the full Year End Review 2013 and Outlook for 2014. CLICK HERE to download this Press Release.  In its Year End Review 2013 and Outlook for 2014 the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (ITIC) says that recovery has taken hold in tourism and that prospects for continued growth are encouraging. Almost 7 […]... Read More

Making the pitch to Chinese golfers

After Riverdance, one of the things Chinese people associate with Ireland is golf. With golf an essential lifestyle option for the swelling ranks of wealthy Chinese, there is great market potential for Irish companies keen to bring the tycoons to Ireland to play. Read the full article from the Irish Times. Share this:... Read More

Growth to continue, says CX of Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland today (Dec 2nd) launched their Marketing Plans for the period 2014–2016, but with specific emphasis on 2014.  Following on from the success of The Gathering and the strong renewal of growth in overseas visitors, all eyes are on the challenge of kicking on from that platform. Following the launch, ITIC spoke with Niall […]... Read More