Shannon Returns to Growth

Shannon Airport has had a long and distinguished history since its original designation as the transatlantic gateway between Europe and America.  It has been through good times and bad, but always the resilience and determination to fight back has delivered new eras of growth and prosperity. As the global recession deepened, the period 2009 to […]... Read More

Stena expands its Irish services

Stena have just announced an expansion of their Irish operations with the addition of a new route linking France and Ireland, with a ferry service between Rosslare and Cherbourg, commencing operations in April. To learn more about this and other Stena operations, ITIC spoke with Diane Poole OBE, their Head of PR and Communications.  Click […]... Read More

Ryanair bids to woo new business

Ryanair has announced plans to double the number of business passengers it currently has by selling through a global distribution system (GDS) for the first time in more than a decade. Read the full article from the Irish Times. Share this:... Read More

Ryanair fails to overturn ruling

The Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) yesterday dismissed Ryanairs challenge to last years ruling by the UKs Competition Commission that its 29.8 per cent share in Aer Lingus gave it material influence over the smaller airline and should be cut to no more than 5 per cent . Read the full article from the Irish Times. Share this:... Read More