Irish Pubs – a core tourism experience

Over 5 million of our overseas visitors visit a pub while on holiday in Ireland. ┬áIn fact the desire to visit an Irish pub influenced the decision to visit of 80% of holiday visitors to Ireland. Irish pubs are a core tourism experience and to learn more ITIC spoke with Padraig Cribben, Chief Executive of […]... Read More

Domestic Market is resilient

The focus of late has largely been on the impressive growth in visitor numbers from overseas. But we should not forget that the all-important domestic market provides over two thirds of hotel bednights, even higher in some instances. You would be forgiven for thinking a return to growth from the home market was still some […]... Read More

2014 – good news all round, so far

It’s not just the overseas markets that are performing well this year – there seems to be a bounce in domestic holidays too. The face behind the voice now brings you his take on how things are really looking at the half way stage. Click on the image below to hear what he has to […]... Read More

Ireland – Top Food Tourism Destination

A hugely important component in any visitor experience is the quality and authenticity of the food. Ireland has built an enviable global reputation for the superior quality of our food and drinks products. Fuse this success with the distinction of our renowned hospitality, unique culture, natural green environment, and Ireland can deliver a powerful differentiator […]... Read More