Helping tourists affected by crime

Thankfully Ireland’s reputation as a safe and secure destination is well warranted and deserved. However in the unlikely event of a tourist being affected by crime, the Irish Tourist Assistance Service (ITAS) provide a very valuable service offering immediate support and assistance. ITIC met with Lisa Kennedy, Chief Executive of ITAS, to hear more about […]... Read More

An Analysis of Dublin’s Visitor Accommodation

Ireland’s remarkable recent growth in overseas tourism has contributed strongly to the country’s economic recovery.  Over 2 of every 5 new jobs created since 2011 has been within the tourism and hospitality sector, and tourism’s value to the national economy is now at a new high. Such significant growth over a relatively short period has […]... Read More

Tourism & Public Transport – an opportunity for growth

There has been considerable investment in Ireland’s public transport in recent years with a resulting improvement in infrastructure, rolling stock and services. This is set to continue with the Cross City Luas and Metro North, amongst other planned developments. The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (ITIC) has carried out detailed analysis and research on Public Transport […]... Read More