A World Class Attraction for Kenmare

It has been shown again and again that for tourism destinations to maintain success, product investment and innovation are key.  Ireland is a terrific example of success where the massive investment of the last decade has produced a tourism product which is world class in every respect.  

However, for tourism to keep contributing to Ireland’s economic wellbeing, strategies must focus on the needs of future customers, the actions of international competitors, and be in line with market dynamics.  This is even more critical in a downturn, so that when recovery happens, as it will, Ireland is well positioned to win its share of the ever more sophisticated and demanding international traveller.

Kenmare in County Kerry has won a hard earned reputation for developing a superb tourism product which is the envy of many destinations, but are they resting on their laurels?  Not Kenmare, they don’t do resting in that part of Kerry.  They have recently proposed the development of a world class attraction which they call The Centre of Contemporary Irish Culture.  One of its promoters is John Brennan, and he spoke with ITIC about this new and exciting project for Kenmare and the Southwest.

Click on the image below to hear what he had to say.


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July 29th 2009

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