Aviation Industry has ambitious targets to combat Climate Change

The aviation industry has ambitious targets to address climate change:

– a 1.5% average annual improvement in fuel efficiency to 2020;
– capping net emissions from 2020;
– cutting net emissions in half by 2050.

To achieve these targets the industry is united on a four-pillar strategy – investing in new technology, more efficient infrastructure, more efficient operations, and positive economic measures.

In the next 10 years the industry will spend $1.3 trillion for 12,000 new aircraft, and each of these will be 20-25% more fuel efficient than their predecessors.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), sustainable bio fuels are making great progress and are moving closer to certification for commercial use. Five airlines have already tested flights using sustainable bio fuels, and four more tests are expected before the end of the year.

IATA is strongly of the view that aviation emissions should be addressed on a global basis, and opposes regional and national emissions trading schemes and taxes "that take billions from the industry but do nothing to improve environmental performance."

And so say all of us.

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October 6th 2010

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