Brexit & Irish Tourism: A Call for Action

Irish tourism has performed extremely well in recent years. However, as always the sector is vulnerable to external international factors and Brexit – the UK’s decision to exit the EU – poses the biggest challenge to Irish tourism since the global economic recession of 2008.

With the UK about to trigger Article 50 and commence exit negotiations, the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (ITIC) has just published a report outlining what needs to be done by Government and tourism agencies to minimise the impact of a hard Brexit for Ireland’s largest indigenous sectoral employer.

The report outlines how vulnerable Irish tourism is to Brexit with 40% of international visitors to Ireland and 23% of spend coming from the UK market. Unlike other exposed export sectors, such as agri-food and manufacturing, tourism has not received appropriate resources and supports from Government to minimise the impact of Brexit.

The report makes the case that €12 million additional resources are needed for the Irish tourism sector to consolidate market share from the UK, grow and diversify into new markets, and provide a package of supports to tourism businesses. ITIC’s report also outlines the key tourism priority areas that need to be incorporated within any new EU-UK deal once negotiations get underway.

To read the report please CLICK HERE or on the image below.

Brexit & Irish Tourism - A Call For Action - Click Here for the Report

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