Climate Change is still with us

Globally 2010 is on track to be the warmest year on record. The Artic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, and this summer its sea ice is melting at a near record pace. The sun is heating the newly open water, so it will take longer to re-freeze this winter […]... Read More

Peak Oil? More like Peak Water

As the world obsesses about peak oil and invests collosal resources in alternative energy, a much more basic commodity is in chronic short supply all over the world, water. There have been many wars fought over oil, and now experts predict that water wars are likely in areas where rivers and lakes are shared by […]... Read More

Ireland’s Greenhouse Gas Emmissions

Ireland has committed to limit the growth in it’s greenhouse gas emmissions to 13% above the actual 1990 levels, by 2012. A tall order. How do you think we are doing?  Click here to find out, you may be surprised by what you learn. Don’t forget, if you want to comment on anything you’ve heard […]... Read More

Mapping the dramatic impact of Climate Change

The old cliché a picture speaks a thousand words was never more graphically demonstrated than by a recent map produced by the British Met Office which illustrates the global consequences of failing to keep temperature change to under 2° Celsius. Increases of more than 2° will have huge impacts on the world. The impacts on […]... Read More

Environment Matters

The quality of the environment, both natural and man-made, is essential to tourism.  Our scenic landscapes, coastline, rivers and lakes are the bedrock on which Irish tourism has been built.  Furthermore the economic viability and competitiveness of the industry will only be sustained if the quality of these resources is maintained. Ireland’s environment remains of […]... Read More