Dublin risking decline

Almost 15 million Euro was spent on marketing Dublin as a tourist destination ┬álast year, but this is not having the impact it should because of a ‘lack of common focus and coordination’ among those responsible, according to a new report. CLICK HERE to read the full article from the Sunday Business Post. Share this:... Read More

New image for Dublin

Dear aul’ Dublin needs a new image to attract more visitors and create tourism-linked jobs, a new report from ITIC says. Read the full article from the Independent. Share this:... Read More

Report says Dublin losing out

Dublin could attract an additional two million visitors and generate 27,000 jobs by 2020 if the city is properly marketed, a new study from ITIC has suggested. Read the full article from the Irish Times. Share this:... Read More

Interview with Padraig Cribben of the VFI

Veteran of sticky situations has a job to put froth back in pub trade.  Padraig Cribben is determined to re-energise an industry that has lost 5,000 jobs in the last two years. Read his interview with the Irish Independent. Share this:... Read More

IHF President – Michael Vaughan

New IHF President, Michael Vaughan, spoke with the Hotel & Catering Review on some of the changes in the IHF, including the Federation’s move to attract investors into the hotel industry in a bid to restructure the overhanging debt that has been burdening the sector. Read all about it by clicking on this PDF [opens […]... Read More