Competitiveness Crucial For Sustained Tourism Growth

The costs of doing business for tourism enterprises in Ireland have a significant influence on how competitive we are internationally. The National Competitiveness Council has just published its latest report which benchmarks the main costs facing Irish businesses. The report considers key business costs across approximately 70 indicators. It concentrates on the primary costs that […]... Read More

A look behind the data for 2016

Last week the Central Statistics Office published its data on overseas tourism arrivals into Ireland for 2016.  This not only shows visitor volumes but also identifies visitor revenue, purpose of visit by source market, length of stay, and average spend per visitor – all key performance indicators for the Irish tourism industry. The key metric […]... Read More

Improving Tourism Data for Sustained Growth

Relevant and timely statistics are vital for all industries. Tourism is no different in this regard and the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (ITIC) has published a report on the collection and interpretation of Irish tourism data. Robust tourism-sector statistics are critical to guide tourism policy and sustainable development and the industry requires best practice of […]... Read More

Brexit & Irish Tourism: A Call for Action

Irish tourism has performed extremely well in recent years. However, as always the sector is vulnerable to external international factors and Brexit – the UK’s decision to exit the EU – poses the biggest challenge to Irish tourism since the global economic recession of 2008. With the UK about to trigger Article 50 and commence […]... Read More

ITIC’s Tourism Agenda – 2017

ITIC, in its work to develop and support a professional, sustainable and globally competitive visitor economy, is focusing its research and advocacy on four priority agenda items for 2017: BREXIT – addressing immediate and longer term implications for Irish tourism; A new industry roadmap for sustainable tourism growth to 2025 and beyond; An improvement in […]... Read More

Year-End Review 2016 & Outlook 2017

The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (ITIC) is pleased to present our Year End Review of 2016 & Outlook for 2017. 2016 has proved to be a remarkable year of growth for Irish tourism with the sector for the first time worth over €8 billion. 8.8 million international tourists visited Ireland in 2016 and collectively they […]... Read More