Marketing Investment Grows: Total investment in overseas marketing by the Irish tourism industry continues to grow as it adopts new marketing channels and techniques. The commercial sector’s aggregate marketing activities and expenditure is increasing as firms invest heavily in new information and communication technology (ICT). The industry has invested at least €160 million in marketing, […]... Read More

Submission To The Tourism Policy Review Group

ITIC sets out a strategic vision and makes specific policy recommendations. I. BACKGROUND 1.1. In October 2002, the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (ITIC) published its study ‘The Impact of Tourism on the Irish Economy – The Need for a Future Development Strategy’. ITIC would request that this study be treated as part of its formal […]... Read More


Prepared for the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation by Tansey, Webster, Stewart and Company, Economic Consultants Objective The objectives of the Report are: to outline Tourism’s substantial contribution to economic development, to identify the competitive threats to Tourism growth and recommend a strategy for returning the Industry to sustained expansion. Executive Summary 1. LONG-RUN TRENDS IN […]... Read More


Lost Tourist Business won’t be recovered this year. The latest independent assessment of the tourist season indicates that the majority in the industry are pessimistic about prospects of recovering in the current year the business lost in 2001. There is considerable concern that the lucrative American market is declining further, with serious implications for revenue […]... Read More

Spatial Spread of Tourism and Extending the Season – June 2001

Prepared for the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation by Fitzpatrick Associates, Economic Consultants Objective The objective of the report is to put forward a strategy or series of strategies that would produce sustained balanced growth across the regions. Approach Taken The consultants were asked to: Examine how access, employment and infrastructure development can influence regional distribution, […]... Read More

The People & Place Programme Report

Introduction The People & Place Programme was managed by the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (ITIC) on behalf of the Overseas Tourism Marketing Initiative (OTMI) and funded by the ERDF through the Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation. It was also funded by Bord Failte, OTML, CERT and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. The “Core Values” […]... Read More

Strategy For Growth Beyond 2000

Prepared for the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation By Tourism & Leisure Partners Objective The aim of this Study is to develop a strategic framework to guide the tourism industry into the 21st century. The study is set against a period of record sustained growth in Ireland’s tourism. Approach Taken The key aims of ITIC in […]... Read More

Developments in Overseas Tourism Markets – Implications for Ireland

Objective To carry out initial research using existing international and national sources. To present preliminary findings aimed at highlighting areas where more conclusive research would benefit the Irish tourism industry. Approach Taken (Terms of Reference) The Consultants covered the following areas: Trends in key markets 1989-94; Product preferences and trends; Competitor analysis – characteristics of […]... Read More

Regional Distribution of Tourism in Ireland

Prepared for the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation by Tourism & Leisure Partners Objective “To provide a framework which would guide strategic policy and tactical actions to achieve a good measurement of tourism distribution flows within the country.” Approach Taken (Terms of Reference) The specific terms of reference included: Assessment of regional performance trends and distribution […]... Read More

Analysis of Regional Distribution of Overseas Tourism 1989 -1994

Prepared for the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation by Tourism Development International Ltd. Objective The aim of this report was to examine trends in regional tourism between 1989 and 1994. The report was limited to overseas tourism (i.e. excludes tourists from Northern Ireland, domestic tourism and excursionists). The report is based on material published and unpublished […]... Read More