The competitiveness of Irish tourism and how it needs to be improved: a new report from ITIC

In a key report just published, the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) identifies that the competitiveness of Irish tourism has diminished as costs of business have risen sharply. As a result, trading circumstances have become more challenging for the estimated 20,000 Irish businesses within Ireland’s tourism and hospitality sector. Competitiveness has become more important than […]... Read More

So how is the 2019 tourism year shaping up?

The monthly tourism figures from the CSO can at times sow more confusion that clarity. Are overseas visitor numbers really up 5.5% for the first quarter and this with the Easter bounce falling in March of last year? Certainly feedback on the ground from tourism and hospitality businesses is less buoyant. Rising costs and Brexit […]... Read More

Annual review of ITIC’s industry strategy for tourism growth

Last year the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) published an 8 year roadmap for the tourism sector in Ireland entitled Tourism: An Industry Strategy for Growth to 2025. The Strategy, devised after an extensive consultation period with the tourism and hospitality sector throughout Ireland, sets out ambitious goals for Irish tourism including a 65% growth […]... Read More