The competitiveness of Irish tourism and how it needs to be improved: a new report from ITIC

In a key report just published, the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) identifies that the competitiveness of Irish tourism has diminished as costs of business have risen sharply. As a result, trading circumstances have become more challenging for the estimated 20,000 Irish businesses within Ireland’s tourism and hospitality sector.

Competitiveness has become more important than ever for Irish tourism particularly in the context of Brexit. ITIC’s report highlights a number of metrics which show weakening competitiveness within the Irish economy and this is a cause of significant concern for Ireland’s tourism industry. The increase in input costs for the tourism industry, and particularly the fact they are rising at a rate above those in competitor country destinations, is a worrying trend that must be addressed. ITIC’s report outlines 8 clear recommendations which could, and should, be enacted to improve the sector’s competitiveness.

The evidence of the correlation between tourism competitiveness and performance is unassailable. Improved competitiveness is reflected in strong tourism demand and employment growth across the industry and regions.

To read this important report please CLICK HERE or on the image below.

CLICK HERE to view this Report

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