Developments in Overseas Tourism Markets – Implications for Ireland


  • To carry out initial research using existing international and national sources.
  • To present preliminary findings aimed at highlighting areas where more conclusive research would benefit the Irish tourism industry.

Approach Taken (Terms of Reference)

The Consultants covered the following areas:

  • Trends in key markets 1989-94;
  • Product preferences and trends;
  • Competitor analysis – characteristics of competition;
  • Opportunities related to broader developments;
  • Identification of market changes based on the views of ITIC’s members;
  • Highlight gaps in the 1989 Research Report;
  • Seasonality, access modes, etc.

This approach is designed to help Industry choose:

  • Where to focus any international research;
  • Who to focus this research on;
  • What areas/topics the research should cover.

The methodological approach underpinning this research involved:

  • Visits to competitor destinations – Scotland, Sweden, Hungary and Brittany were chosen – and discussions with key informants therein;
  • Discussions with a selection of overseas tourism operators;
  • Analysis of available data on overseas markets;
  • Analysis of the Irish Survey of Travellers database on inbound tourism to Ireland;
  • Discussions with key informants in the Irish tourism industry;
  • Desk-based analysis of Ireland’s recent tourism performance and issues arising.


The Report is set out under a number of headings:

  • Trends in International Tourism;
  • Irish Tourism in the 1990s;
  • Analysis of Main Origin Markets;
  • Analysis of Secondary Markets (Western Europe);
  • Distant and Emerging Markets;
  • Competitor Destinations/ Case Studies;
  • Summary of Issues/ Markets, Phase II Priorities.

The Report in its Executive Summary covered:

  • Performance of Irish Tourism;
  • Developments in International Markets;
  • Competitor Analysis.


This Report represents Phase I of a two Phase Study. On completion of Phase I it was decided that the next Phase of the Analyses would be dealt with by Bord Failte.

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