B&B Ireland – A new brand

  • The Town & Country Homes Association and Irish Farmhouse Holidays have come together to form a new joint body which will represent the majority of the B&B properties in the State.
  • The new organisation will bring together over 1,100 members under one umbrella, representing the town, farm and country elements of the B&B product. Operating under the strong brand of B&B Ireland – Be at the heart of it all, the new organisation plans to build on the well established reputation of the sector for providing a family setting and a warm welcome for visitors to Ireland.
  • B&B accommodation is very popular with overseas visitors to Ireland, particularly Americans and Europeans, 40% of whom stay at least one night in B&Bs. International trade accounts for 80% of B&B bednights and domestic trade for the remaining 20%.
  • The unique character of the Irish B&B is well established, with an experience built on the “traditional Irish welcome” but encompassing much broader elements including a genuine Irish home environment, local knowledge and interest, value for money, a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, personal touches, and often local, home cooked food.
  • B&B Ireland has recently appointed a new Chair, Margaret Cahill, who recently retired from Tourism Ireland. Margaret will bring a wealth of international marketing experience which augers well for an exciting future for this vitally important sector of Irish tourism.

    Margaret Cahill - Chairperson, B&B Ireland
    Margaret Cahill – Chairperson, B&B Ireland
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