The critical importance of the US market to Irish tourism – ITIC talks with Elizabeth Crabill of CIE Tours

In the week a new US President has been inaugurated ITIC spoke with Elizabeth Crabill, CEO of CIE Tours International, to hear about her hopes for the year ahead. In an engaging interview Elizabeth talks about the positivity of the vaccine to US consumer confidence and the hopes for a return to travel in the second half of 2021.

CIE Tours is one of the oldest and most successful tour operators that programmes Ireland to the US market and Elizabeth talks about the company’s flexibility and adaptability throughout the pandemic. Prioritising air connectivity, increasing marketing, and ensuring Ireland’s tourism industry is safe and open for business are all critical according to Elizabeth who also refers to the enduring bond between the US and Ireland.

CLICK HERE or on the image below to watch this 15 minute interview.

CLICK HERE to watch this interview

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