First progress report of ITIC’s 2025 Tourism Strategy outlines progress, opportunities and challenges

Earlier this year the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) launched an 8 year roadmap for the sector entitled “Tourism: An Industry Strategy for Growth to 2025”. Within the Strategy it is estimated that earnings from overseas tourism can increase by 65% to €8.1 billion annually by 2025 if the right policies and investment strategies are adopted and pursued. This would mean 80,000 more jobs nationwide and an increase to the exchequer in direct tourism-related taxes of just under €2 billion annually from overseas tourism.

At the time ITIC committed to carrying out 6 monthly progress review updates of the Strategy and the first such review has just been published. It shows that tourism growth continues in 2018 with the tourism industry adding significant capacity increases in both hotel developments as well as air and sea access in the coming years. Despite tourism’s current success however, there are significant challenges with Brexit a major concern to the industry who urge pro-tourism enabling policies from the Government, supported by agile and responsive state agencies.

At the 6 month progress review mark ITIC identify that – of the 51 policy recommendations outlined within the ITIC 2025 Strategy – 6 have already been achieved with another 32 in progress. The 6 month progress review can be accessed on below link with corresponding press release.

CLICK HERE for Press Release

CLICK HERE or on the image below for the Autumn progress report update

CLICK HERE for Autumn 2018 progress update for Tourism - An Industry Strategy for Growth to 2025

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