Going for More Growth

  • When you consider that the world’s greatest minds don’t have a clue what’s going to happen with the Euro next week, forecasting what’s going to transpire in the world of travel and tourism next year is fraught with risk.  But we must assume that the world will continue much as before, and that the aforementioned great minds will conjure up a solution to the more immediate currency issue.
  • Tourism Ireland launched their plans for 2012 this week, and it is good to see that they are planning for further growth, on top of the impressive estimated 9% achieved this year.
  • Allowing for the difficult economic backdrop in our main source markets, Tourism Ireland believe that growth of about 5% in visitor numbers can be achieved in 2012, and ITIC agrees with that.
  • Furthermore, the Industry and the Agencies are committed to building on the progress made this year, and planned for next, by achieving the goal of growing the Industry back to peak 2007 levels by 2015, an objective first outlined earlier this year in the ITIC report, Tourism Opportunity – driving economic renewal.
  • CLICK HERE to access further information from Tourism Ireland about how these ambitious targest can be realised.
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