I.T.I.C. Says Tourism Recovery Can Be Sustained

  • The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (I.T.I.C.) has said that the welcome return to growth in overseas visitor numbers seen in the first 3 quarters of 2012 can be built upon again next year.
  • In its 2012 pre-budget submission I.T.I.C. calls for continued investment in overseas marketing in order to maintain the momentum of recovery. Its submission claims that the principal reasons for the current recovery are due to the maintenance of an aggressive marketing campaign, in addition to recovering competitiveness which was assisted by the Government’s initiatives of reducing VAT on tourism services and the reduction of the air travel tax to €3.
  • “The priority now”, according to John Healy, Chairman of I.T.I.C., “is to continue to strengthen the tourism sectors competitive position so that it can deliver increased consumer demand, jobs, and tax revenues to Government, even in the context of a difficult global environment”.
  • Access to credit remains a problem for many tourism businesses and I.T.I.C is calling for the introduction of a Government credit guarantee scheme to support tourism enterprises’ working capital requirements
  • The submission calls on the Government to introduce measures to encourage domestic consumers to return to more normal spending patterns, and to avoid measures that serve to further depress market demand for goods and services. The domestic market is a very significant source of demand for many sectors in the economy, particularly tourism, and economic recovery will not fully take hold unless and until domestic demand recovers.
  • The I.T.I.C submission also contends that the Social Welfare system is in urgent need of reform so that if fulfils its role of protecting and supporting families and individuals in genuine need of such assistance rather that acting as a competitor in the labour market.

Click Here to access the full submission or go to www.itic.ie and click on pre-budget submission on home page

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