Major Drive in Britain

  • Britain still remains Ireland’s top source market, providing 45% of all overseas visitors and one third of all revenue.
  • This market has taken a severe hit in the last 3 years with visitor numbers down 29% and revenue down by over one third.
  • Holiday visitors from Britain have dropped by 49% since 2007, an even greater amount, and first time visitors have been in decline for some years.
  • In more recent times, Ireland has suffered from an image of being expensive, and this was accentuated by the weakness of the sterling against the euro. There is also the longstanding conundrum of how the British perceive Ireland as more of a domestic type holiday than an abroad holiday. Competitiveness is being regained however, and sterling is a little stronger, which means that conditions for growth are now much more favourable.
  • Restoration of growth from Britain is Tourism Ireland’s principal objective in 2011, and it is encouraging that there will be a greater marketing investment in 2011 than for many years. Recovery prospects will be given a major boost by the planned visit of the Queen in May. So this year should see the start of a significant recovery in visitor numbers from Ireland’s largest source market.
  • CLICK HERE to get a brief summary of a very comprehensive turnaround plan from Tourism Ireland.Also click on each of the links below to view some of the ads that will be appearing on British TV for most of the year:

    Ad 1 – Skellig
    Ad 2 – Giant’s Causeway
    Ad 3 – Kinsale

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