Meet the new President of the Irish Hotels Federation

  • No section of the tourism industry had been spared the considerable pain which has accompanied the global recession, but perhaps the hotel sector has been hit hardest.
  • Since 1990 the number of hotel bedrooms in Ireland has grown from just over 20,000 to about 60,000, and in fact the number of bedrooms added since 2005 has been in the order of 15,000, or almost a third. The current severe downturn has seen room occupancy and yield fall back sharply, exacerbated by the significant overcapacity in the industry.
  • This week the Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) elected a new President, Paul Gallagher. An industry veteran, Paul is General Manager of the famous Buswells Hotel in the heart of Dublin. He spoke to ITIC following his election to office.
    Click on the image below to hear what he had to say.
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