Potential in Cycling

  • An estimated 164,000 overseas visitors engaged in cycling while in Ireland in 2010, and 54,000 said cycling was important in their choice of Ireland. 21% came from Britain, 56% from mainland Europe, 16% from North America, with the remaining 7% from elsewhere.
  • The cyclists who visit are typically comparatively affluent and well educated, aged between 30 and late 60’s, generally travel in small groups or pairs, and over one third are repeat visitors.
  • The most popular regions visited are the West and Southwest. Cycling tourists represent a growing and valuable market segment, particularly for the West of Ireland. As the hugely successful Greenway project in Mayo has shown, cycling tourism spins off opportunities for the development of cycle hire and cycling holiday operations in rural areas.
  • Cycling is growing in popularity with the domestic holidaymaker as well, and it seems evident that this is a tourism product with as yet untapped potential of substance, both at home and abroad.
  • ITIC went to Killarney recently and spoke with a bicycle hire specialist to see if cycling visitors were showing up in good numbers.

Click below to hear what he had to say.

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