Pre-Budget Submission 2009

  • ITIC calls for public sector cost reduction and maintained overseas marketing expenditure.
  • In its pre-budget submission to the Minister for Finance, ITIC acknowledges that the serious deterioration in the domestic and international economic environments calls for budget measures, which will be painful in the short-term.
  • Priority must be given to ensuring that no measures are introduced which would adversely affect an already troubled tourism sector, pointing out that the restoration of national competitiveness must be a top Government priority.
  • It also stresses that because of the intense international competition for discretionary tourists, it is essential that Government continue to support the overseas marketing of Ireland as a tourism destination.  Any diminution in marketing investment in the short-term will reduce the strength of that image in the marketplace, will allow space for competitors, and will require additional resources to restore the market presence in later years.
  • The submission also calls for early implementation of measures to address cost and effectiveness in all areas of the public sector, as recommended in the OECD report.
  • To access the full submission, click here (Word document).
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