Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport about to open

  • Few infrastructure projects in Ireland have created as much debate and controversy as the new Terminal building at Dublin Airport, T2.
  • First there was the¬†question as to why it couldn’t be built much sooner in order to relieve the chronic over-conjestion at the airport, described by some notables at the time as a third world facility.
  • Then there were the issues about where it should be located, what size it should be, who should operate it, who would pay for it, and, remember this, it was even strongly suggested there be a third terminal, T3. In all of the circumstances it is remarkable that it got built at all, but it did, and it is about to open in 3 weeks time.
  • ITIC had a sneak preview of what T2 is like, and spoke with Declan Collier, Chief Executive of the Dublin Airport Authority.

Click below to hear what he had to say.

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