ITIC’s Tourism Industry Revival Plan – a roadmap to recovery

Today the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) launches a major new report outlining the immediate and medium term actions needed to rescue and stabilise the Irish tourism industry and allow it to prosper again. The Tourism Industry Revival Plan has been developed after extensive consultation with the leading stakeholders in Irish tourism and sets out 45 policy recommendations that it urges the new Government to adopt and implement.

The Plan sets out 3 growth scenarios for Irish tourism between now and 2025 and ITIC make the case that the optimistic scenario can be delivered given the right policies and enabling factors. This will mean more employment, exchequer returns, and regional economic balance as Ireland tries to recover from the devastation of Covid-19.

The Tourism Industry Revival Plan sets out an ambitious roadmap for recovery for Ireland’s largest indigenous industry and we urge you to support it.

CLICK HERE for ITIC's Tourism Industry Revival Plan

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