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The Inland Fisheries Act 2010 (No. 10 of 2010) provided for the restructuring of the inland fisheries sector through the creation of a national inland fisheries organisation, Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI), which replaced the Central Fisheries Board and seven Regional Fisheries Boards.

On July 1st 2010 Inland Fisheries Ireland was formally established as the agency responsible for the conservation, protection, management, marketing, development and improvement of our inland fisheries and sea angling resources.

The dissolution of eight agencies and establishment of a single agency with responsibility for managing the inland fisheries and sea angling sectors will facilitate inter alia;

  • more efficient and effective management of the inland fisheries resource;
  • streamlined, coherent and integrated policy formulation on a national basis;
  • optimum use and allocation of financial resources;
  • develop and empower staff to deliver the goals of IFI;
  • formalising stakeholder input into policy formulation through the creation of the new National Inland Fisheries Forum;
  • an improved national perspective in delivering inland fisheries policy;
  • a clear and well communicated single national identity for IFI.

IFI Vision

‘To provide an accessible and sustainable, world class, inland fisheries resource for all’

IFI Mission

‘To ensure the valuable natural resources of Inland Fisheries and Sea Angling are conserved, managed, developed and promoted in their own right to generate a positive return for the community and the environment’

mem-IFI-SCampion-0114Suzanne Campion is Head of Business Development at Inland Fishers Ireland and is a Member of the ITIC Council.

January 2014

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