National Aviation Policy

Finally, the new National Aviation Policy was launched. No one can say this was a rushed job having been kicked off in December 2012.

Given that over 80% of our visitors arrive by air, this policy clearly has implications for tourism.

Main features relevant to tourism include:

  • The retention of Dublin, Cork and Shannon Airports in state ownership.
  • Support for regional airports to continue through 2019.
  • An independent review of the regulatory regime for airport charges to be commenced before the end of this year.
  • Aspirations for increased connectivity, especially with emerging markets.
  • The promotion of Dublin Airport as a secondary transatlantic hub.
  • The achievement of a high level of competition between airlines operating in the Irish market.

It’s all good material and a good start. It is, rather curiously given that we are an island, our first ever National Aviation Policy. Much can be developed from this if fully implemented.

CLICK HERE for a comprehensive summary.

CLICK HERE for the full report.

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