New CEO of EPIC the Irish Emigration Museum discusses moving to Ireland, the importance of cultural tourism and working with stakeholders, and hopes of a World Title

Patrick Greene has recently taken up the role as CEO and Museum Director at EPIC, the Irish Emigration Museum. This is an interesting time for EPIC with growing visitor numbers and ambitious plans for the future. Patrick has high-level experience in both the UK and Australia and, in a recent interview with ITIC, gives his […]... Read More

Brexit, the border and Irish tourism

Having seamless travel around the island of Ireland is absolutely critical for Ireland’s tourism industry post-Brexit. Earlier this week, at the crossing between North and South, ITIC caught up with Joanne Stuart – CEO of the Northern Ireland Tourism Alliance – to discuss the importance of no border infrastructure and how tourism throughout the island […]... Read More

Celebrating 35 years of ITIC

Back in September 1984 the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) was formed to give a single voice, and act as an umbrella representative group, for Ireland’s tourism and hospitality sector. On its 35th anniversary we caught up with a selection of previous Chairpersons and CEOs to hear about why ITIC started and its important role […]... Read More

Competitiveness and Investment at a time of uncertainty: Tourism Industry Budget Submission

2019 is proving a challenging year for Ireland’s tourism industry. Brexit, the Vat increase, and damaged competitiveness have all conspired to make trading conditions more difficult for Ireland’s largest indigenous industry and biggest regional employer. In its budget submission the representative body for Ireland’s tourism industry, ITIC, argue that competitiveness and strategic investment is vital […]... Read More

The competitiveness of Irish tourism and how it needs to be improved: a new report from ITIC

In a key report just published, the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) identifies that the competitiveness of Irish tourism has diminished as costs of business have risen sharply. As a result, trading circumstances have become more challenging for the estimated 20,000 Irish businesses within Ireland’s tourism and hospitality sector. Competitiveness has become more important than […]... Read More