The importance of visitor attractions and experiences to Irish tourism – ITIC talks with Sean Connick of AVEA

Research shows that one of the key reasons visitors come to Ireland is for its renowned built heritage and cultural interpretation. ITIC met with Sean Connick, recently elected Chairman of the Association of Visitor Experiences and Attractions (AVEA), to talk about the sector and the transformative part it can play for regions and towns. Sean […]... Read More

Irish tourism and the critical importance of its B&B sector

The B&B sector has, since the very foundations of Irish tourism, been a key and integral part of the country’s product mix to international visitors. ITIC recently spoke with B&B Ireland CEO, Helena Healy, to hear about the association, its 750 members and the importance of international markets, and the critical need for the survival […]... Read More

Adventure Tourism; the challenges and opportunities for Ireland

As an island with a green and open countryside Ireland is well-positioned to benefit from a growing interest in adventure tourism. However this year has posed immense challenges what with an impending Brexit, rising insurance costs and of course the Covid-19 pandemic. ITIC recently met with Brendan Kenny, CEO of Ireland’s Association for Adventure Tourism, […]... Read More

Budget 2021 and tourism: ITIC’s perspective

Earlier this week Budget 2021 was delivered by the Government in the context of Covid-19’s grip on the Irish economy. Eoghan O’Mara Walsh and Catherine Flanagan of the Irish Tourism industry Confederation (ITIC) discuss measures within the Budget and how a united position by the industry has helped influence Government and given tourism and hospitality […]... Read More