Environment Matters

Welcome to Environment Matters, a point of reference for you to gain a better understanding of environmental issues and how they link to tourism. While the environment and its changes are a complex phenomenon, this section of the ITIC website aims to deliver relevant information relating to this area in an accessible way. We invite you to engage in the discussion by adding any comments you may have.

Tourism and the environment are inextricably linked – the industry relies on the quality of its natural resources. For Ireland, the scenic landscape, rivers, and coastlines are core to our appeal among visitors which emphasises the priority that must be placed on preserving and maintaining these resources. Limiting the harmful impact that the tourism industry may have on the environment must also be part of that progress.

The United Nations World Tourism Orgnanisation (UNWTO) has stated that tourism can be a leader in the Green Economy, but it must recognise the “imperative of climate-change response.” The Green Economy is seen as a core part of Ireland’s pathway out of recession. As a result, there are many strategies being developed and implemented, so it is important to have an understanding of what these might mean in a tourism context. Indeed, there are many green strategies relating to the tourism industry specifically; Fáilte Ireland and Tourism Ireland are actively involved in a number of initiatives to assist and work with the industry in exploiting this ‘green’ potential. Over time then, this section of the ITIC website will explore the opportunities for Irish Tourism to develop its brand in terms of that potential.

August 2009

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