Video Archive 2022


Nicky discusses re-opening, rebuilding business and sustainability

Nicky Logue
GM, InterContinental Hotel Dublin

Published May 4th 2022



Adriaan discusses opening of new luxury hotel in Cashel

Adriaan Bartels
GM, Cashel Palace Hotel

Published April 19th 2022


Paddy talks Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands, sustainability and Shannon Masterplan

Paddy Mathews
Head of Operations
Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands

Published April 7th 2022



Sean discusses recovery, a strong looking 2022 and inflationary pressures

Sean O’Driscoll
CEO, The iNUA Collection

Published March 16th 2022


Melissa discusses recovery, challenges and TTC plans for 2022

Melissa DaSilva
President, TTC Tour Brands North America

Published March 11th 2022


Alison talks about how quickly will the key North American market recover

Alison Metcalfe
Executive Vice President
North America & Australia/NZ

Published February 17th 2022


Willie Walsh talks aviation recovery, sustainability and achieving Net Zero by 2050

Willie Walsh
Director General, IATA

Published February 9th 2022

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