Tourism Business says Yes to Europe

The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation is part of Business for Europe, which is campaigning for a Yes vote on October 2nd. 53 employer and professional organisations have got together to fully support a ‘Yes’ vote for the Lisbon Treaty.

The Lisbon Treaty reforms the E.U. to make it more efficient, more effective, and more democratic. The need has never been clearer for a strong E.U. within which Ireland and its economic interests can continue to compete and succeed.

A dedicated website,, has been launched, and it provides a comprehensive guide to the many compelling reasons why we must vote ‘Yes’ on October 2nd.

Just a small sample include:

– Europe produces over 82% of Ireland’s overseas visitors, and has been our fastest growing market for several years.
– Looking forward, it is an unquestionable fact that Europe will continue to be our main source market.
– Ireland has created an extra 1 million jobs since joining the E.U. in 1973.
– One in 5 beef burgers eaten in McDonalds in Europe is made from Irish beef.
– In the past 10 years, Irish companies have nearly doubled their exports into E.U. Member States from €44 billion to €87 billion.
– Average Irish wages have increased from 60% of E.U. average in 1973 to 138% of the average today.
– Ireland has built over 500 kilometres of motorway with E.U. funding.
– Ireland exports 25 million pasta meals to mainland Europe.
– Article 195 makes enhancing the tourism sector and improving competitiveness in this area, a priority for the E.U.

What has changed since the first referendum?
The Government, after discussions with all E.U. Member States, has ensured that when the Irish people vote on the Lisbon Treaty on October 2nd, it will come with additional legal guarantees and assurances to address their main concerns.

It has now been confirmed by the E.U. that:
– Ireland, and all other Member States, will keep a Commissioner.
– Ireland will remain in control of its own tax rates.
– Irish neutrality will not be affected – no conscription, no defence alliances.
– Ireland retains control of sensitive ethical issues such as abortion.
– Workers’ rights and public services are valued and protected in Ireland and across the E.U.

Voting ‘Yes’ will enhance Ireland’s reputation as being a good place to do business at the heart of Europe.

Click here for more good reasons to vote ‘Yes’, learn more, and do the right thing on October 2nd.

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September 9th 2009

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