Tourism Year End Review 2017 & Outlook for 2018

STAMP-Dec2017According to the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC), Irish tourism hit new highs in 2017 with a record number of international visitors and the industry worth an estimated €8.7 billion annually.

Ireland earned an estimated €6.5 billion from overseas tourism in 2017 which was made up of €4.9 billion spent by overseas visitors when in Ireland and €1.6 billion spent with Irish airline and ferry companies. €1.9 billion was generated in domestic tourism revenue and a further €300 million earned from Northern Ireland visitors.

Expenditure by international visitors to Ireland was up 6% on the previous year as tourism added another 25,000 new jobs in 2017 with the sector now employing 230,000 people nationwide. A remarkable 8.9 million international visitors came to Ireland in 2017.

Despite challenges around Brexit, competitiveness and capacity, ITIC is positive for 2018 and feels further growth is possible with appropriate support from Government.

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