TRG Chairman speaks to ITIC

In 2003 a comprehensive plan was drawn up called New Horizons for Irish Tourism: An Agenda for Action. This report set out a comprehensive strategy for developing the tourism industry covering a 10 year period to 2012.

A detailed plan was drawn up listing specific actions which would be required in order to achieve the objectives of attaining 10 million visitors generating €6 billion by 2012. The report also recommended that a midway review be carried out to see if the ambitious targets were being met, and to recommend any essential changes which might be desirable.

Earlier this year an expert group was appointed to carry out this review under the Chairmanship of Maurice Pratt, and they have just produced their report. ITIC spoke with Maurice about the review, so click on the image below to hear what he had to say.

October 15th 2009

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