Restaurants Association of Ireland – RAI

The Restaurants Association of Ireland is the representative group for the Irish Restaurant Industry. Founded in 1970 the organisation has over 600 members.

There are ten regional branches of the Association, each of which is headed up by a branch chairperson.

The membership includes fine dining and casual dining establishments, ethnic, family, Coffee shops, Hotel and Pub restaurants.

The Association provides a wealth of benefits and services to Restaurant owners, it also provides a comprehensive package of training programmes for restaurant owners/ managers /operatives, covering a range of skills and disciplines.

The Association is a one-stop shop for restaurant owners on all aspects of the restaurant trade.

Its core business is to influence through lobbying, all organisations, including Government, that shape and affect the restaurant industry nationally and at a European level through HOTREC.

Adrian Cummins
Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Cummins is CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland and a member of the ITIC Board of Directors and Council.