The Shannon Airport Group

The Shannon Airport Group owns and operates Shannon Airport as well as a substantial commercial property business. The group is focused on the delivery of a vibrant, thriving economy by providing vital international connectivity for trade and tourism and an attractive location for businesses to develop and grow.

Shannon Airport is the largest airport on the West Coast of Ireland. In 2019, 1.7 million passengers utilised the airport, with our Irish passengers coming from every county across the island of Ireland. Our property portfolio comprises 3,300 acres and 2.5 million sq. feet of space. We have a world class airport infrastructure and facilities not found elsewhere. We offer travellers the most seamless travel experience in the State; competitive route incentive schemes to airlines and uncongested operations both on the ground and in the air for carriers.

Our property portfolio includes the largest business park outside of Dublin with 180 companies in sectors such as Aviation, MedTech and CAV technologies. We provide comprehensive commercial property solutions from leasing, developing, and managing industrial, business and office parks together with fully serviced development sites.

We embrace smart and green technologies with our Shannon Campus home to Ireland’s first testbed for Future Mobility, focused on the development of new, autonomous and sustainable transport options, on land and in the air.

The Shannon Airport Group contributes significantly to the entire Irish economy and supports thousands of jobs. We are playing a critical role in shaping the future development of our country with ground-breaking yet practical facilities and by attracting new or more frequent international connections all of which are vital to a more balanced national economy.

CEO: Mary Considine
Chairperson: Conal Henry

Nandi O’Sullivan
Head of Communications for The Shannon Airport Group

Nandi O’Sullivan is Head of Communications for The Shannon Airport Group and is a member of the ITIC Council.