2023 Reports

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Increase in 9% VAT rate would damage jobs and add to inflation

11 January 2023

This report by Economist Jim Power, commissioned by the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation, finds that the scheduled VAT increase from 9% to 13.5% on February 28th will damage the industry at such an uncertain time. The VAT increase could cost up to 24,000 jobs and add 4.1% inflation to the cost of accommodation and food services.

The report concludes that VAT should be kept at 9% to protect the competitiveness of a vulnerable industry particularly when key source markets are going through economic turbulence.

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Irish Tourism: Recovery & Outlook

10 January 2023

What does 2023 hold for Irish tourism in these most volatile of times? And how strong was the recovery in 2022?

The Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) has done a deep dive into the state of Irish tourism including economic analysis of our key source markets, a review of air and sea access to Ireland, and key challenges that will need to be overcome to ensure sustained recovery is secured.

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