2020 Reports

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ITIC’s 5 Point Call to Action

02 September 2020

Covid-19 has had shattering financial consequences on Ireland’s tourism and hospitality industry which has been the country’s hardest hit economic sector and is set to have one of the slowest recoveries.

Irish tourism can, and will, recover from this existential crisis. However, if Ireland’s world-class tourism and hospitality industry is to be secured, Government needs to take 5 key decisions urgently to enable businesses to begin the process of recovery, create employment, provide regional economic balance, and enable productive enterprise and innovation.

ITIC’s Tourism Industry Revival Plan – a roadmap to recovery

29 June 2020

A major new report outlining the immediate and medium term actions needed to rescue and stabilise the Irish tourism industry and allow it to prosper again. The Tourism Industry Revival Plan has been developed after extensive consultation with the leading stakeholders in Irish tourism and sets out 45 policy recommendations that it urges the new Government to adopt and implement.

The Plan sets out 3 growth scenarios for Irish tourism between now and 2025 and ITIC make the case that the optimistic scenario can be delivered given the right policies and enabling factors.

The Tourism Industry Revival Plan sets out an ambitious roadmap for recovery for Ireland’s largest indigenous industry and we urge you to support it.

Election 2020 Tourism Manifesto

20 January 2020

With an election campaign in full swing the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) – representing the leading tourism businesses and stakeholders across the country – call for the industry to be supported by all political parties, competitiveness measures to be improved, and appropriate state investment to be committed to the sector. Tourism is Ireland’s largest indigenous industry and biggest regional employer and needs to be supported and safeguarded by any incoming Government.

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