2022 Reports

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Irish Tourism: Impact of Ukraine Conflict

17 November 2022

In a major report on the impact of the Ukraine conflict, the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation outlines the unintended consequences of the Government’s current approach to accommodating displaced persons. An over-dependence on tourism accommodation stock means that 22% of all beds nationally are already contracted to Government for refugees as well as asylum seekers.

ITIC fully supports the Government’s humanitarian reaction to the Ukrainian crisis and is ready to assist in devising a balanced strategy.

As well as analysing the situation the report outlines a number of policy recommendations that should be taken to minimise this impending crisis for Irish tourism.

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Looking Ahead: Irish Tourism’s Outlook

21 September 2022

As the peak summer season draws to an end it is timely to look ahead at the outlook for Irish tourism. The Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC), based on prevailing circumstances and up-to-date detailed analysis, has recalibrated its projections on tourism performance.

It is now anticipated that 2022 will finish with a significantly higher volume of overseas tourists than previously forecast due to the strong nature of pent-up demand, deferred bookings, and restored air access. However, due to economic challenges, the outlook for next year shows a dip in overseas volume and a slower recovery in subsequent years with full recovery back to pre-pandemic levels is unlikely to be achieved until 2027.

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Tourism’s Budget 2023 submission

28 July 2022

Budget 2023, on September 27th, comes at a critical juncture for Irish tourism. Pent-up demand, deferred bookings and accumulated savings have all meant tourism and travel has rebounded this year. But supply has struggled to keep apace across labour, accommodation and car hire with growth later this year and into 2023 expected to soften. Full recovery to pre-pandemic levels is not anticipated until 2026.

To sustain recovery, and rebuild Ireland’s largest indigenous industry and biggest regional employer, ITIC – representing 20,000 tourism and hospitality businesses in Ireland – has 5 key asks in relation to Budget 2023. CLICK HERE for 5 key asks.

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The importance of competitiveness: An Irish tourism analysis

07 July 2022

With cost inflation and supply shortages there is significant upward price pressure on Irish tourism products and services.

The latest bulletin from the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) looks at the sector’s international context, the unique cost pressure points on Irish businesses, the importance of retaining our value proposition, and outlines 9 key policy areas that Government can assist industry in maintaining competitiveness.

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Delivering a Sustainable Tourism Industry

27 April 2022

As part of the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) flagship conference that took place on 27th April 2022 in Croke Park, a key Sustainable Tourism Industry report was launched.

The report – Delivering a Sustainable Tourism Industry – is published by ITIC in association with AIB and it outlines the sector’s commitment to recovering in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.

Opportunities and challenges are reviewed, case studies are included, and 26 policy recommendations are articulated.

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