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Year End Review 2018 & Outlook 2019

28 December 2018

According to the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC), Irish tourism hit new highs in 2018 with a record number of international visitors and the sector worth over €9 billion for the first time. However sustaining success in 2019 will be more challenging with Brexit, the VAT hike, capacity concerns, and weakened competitiveness all posing difficulties for Ireland’s largest indigenous industry.

Despite these challenges, ITIC is confident that Irish tourism can continue to grow next year and add employment and economic balance throughout the country assuming the right policies and investment strategies are pursued.

Tourism: An Industry Strategy for Growth to 2025

26 September 2018 – 6 Month Progress Update

Earlier this year the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) launched an 8 year roadmap for the sector entitled “Tourism: An Industry Strategy for Growth to 2025”.

At the 6 month progress review mark ITIC identify that – of the 51 policy recommendations outlined within the ITIC 2025 Strategy – 6 have already been achieved with another 32 in progress.

9 reasons why 9% matters

03 September 2018

The tourism Vat rate of 9% was first introduced in 2011 and has been a key enabling factor in the sector’s growth since then. The policy has been beneficial for the exchequer, the regions, industry, and employment with a remarkable 79,100 more jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector than 7 years ago.

Retaining the 9% Vat rate is a key pillar of the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation’s pre-budget submission.

ITIC’s tourism pre-budget submission

28 August 2018

Tourism is Ireland’s largest indigenous industry employing 1 in 9 nationally and providing regional balance and economic activity. In its pre-budget submission the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) outlines the measures needed to support the tourism sector, build on recent successes, and mitigate against Brexit pressures.

ITIC argues that Minister Paschal Donohoe TD in his Budget on October 9th needs to ensure Ireland remains competitive and that, as a state, we invest productively. Maintaining the 9% Vat rate for tourism, keeping business costs in check, restoring current tourism budgets, and providing adequate capital investment are some of the key recommendations within ITIC’s pre-budget submission.

Brexit – Bulletin #5 – Deal or No Deal?

25 July 2018

With the UK set to exit the EU in only 8 months time, worries about a hard ‘no deal’ Brexit are becoming a real concern. The Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) continues its analysis of latest developments.

Driving Demand

Analysis of overseas marketing by the Irish tourism industry

10 April 2018

At least €92 million was spent last year by Irish tourism businesses on overseas marketing, according to research recently conducted by the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC). In what became a record year in terms of tourism numbers, Irish tourism businesses invested heavily in promoting the destination and their products and services to overseas audiences.

Getting Behind the 2017 Data

29 March 2018

Last week the Central Statistics Office (CSO) published its full data on international tourist arrivals into Ireland for 2017. This is a rich trove of information and the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) has looked behind the top-line data to gather key insights into Ireland’s most successful tourism year to date.

This report highlights which markets performed the strongest, why visitors come to Ireland, which tourism visitor spends the most and who stays the longest, as well as many other tourism insights.

Tourism: An Industry Strategy for Growth to 2025

20 March 2018

The Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC) today launches Tourism: An Industry Strategy for Growth to 2025 and please click on link below to see the full document. This strategy is the result of 12 months of in-depth consultation and research with Ireland’s tourism and hospitality industry and sets ambitious growth targets to 2025 for Ireland’s most important indigenous sector.

The strategy suggests that overseas earnings from international visitors can grow by 65% to €8.1 billion annually by 2025 if the correct policies and appropriate investment strategies are pursued.

Industry-led, Government-enabled, and Agency-supported, Irish tourism has a clear roadmap for success.

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